Food and drink quiz

Food and drink quiz

29th June 2020

Food & drink quiz

Test your knowledge of food and drink with our fun quiz. Answers at the bottom of the page.


1. Eccles cakes come from which UK county?

a. Yorkshire

b. Derbyshire

c. Lancashire


2. Which alcohol appears in a Screwdriver cocktail?

a. Vodka

b. White rum

c. Tequila


3. Which London landmark appears on the bottle of HP Sauce?

a. Tower of London

b. Buckingham Palace

c. Houses of Parliament


4. The Margaret River is a popular wine region in Australia, but in which state can it be located?

a. Western Australia

b. New South Wales

c. South Australia


5. Which French city is associated with the fish stew bouillabaisse?

a. Bordeaux

b. Nice

c. Marseille


6. With which Cornish town is the chef Rick Stein most often associated?

a. Newquay

b. Padstow

c. St Ives


7. In which year did the BBC show MasterChef first appear on UK screens?

a. 1990

b. 1992

c. 1994


8. Earl Grey is a popular blend of tea, but what fruit gives the tea its unique flavour?

a. Bergamot

b. Lemon

c. Kiwi


9. If you ordered ceviche at a restaurant, what would you be served?

a. A Peruvian sausage

b. Raw fish cured in citrus juice

c. A cold Argentinian soup


10. Which country consumes the most coffee per capita per year?

a. USA

b. Sweden

c. Finland


Answers: c, a, c, a, c, b, a, a, b, c

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