World Vegan Month

November - World Vegan Month

6th November 2020

November - World Vegan Month

Veganism is on the rise. In fact, according to the BBC, “In 2018 Waitrose introduced a dedicated vegan section in more than 130 shops, while Iceland reported that sales of its plant-based food have risen by 10% over the last year. And a range of fast-food companies, from Greggs to McDonalds and Burger King to KFC, have launched, or announced, vegan options for the UK.

The UK market for meat-free foods was reportedly worth £740m in 2018, according to market researchers Mintel, up from £539m only three years ago.”

We asked out head chef, Bruce D'Aloia, for his thoughts on how the Vegan movement has impacted his kitchen at The Clevedon at Ben Rhydding Drive. Here’s what he had to say:

“Personally, it hasn't affected me or how I run my kitchen. I have been trained in the raw food movement and have been through many seminar's on vegan and vegetarian food. As I was a private chef for 15 years, I created [menus], travelled and created detox cleanses, juice diets, yoga retreat menus as well as rehabilitating menu planning for cancer patients coming off chemo therapy, all vegetarian or vegan. Plus, currently supplying daily raw juice diets for clients at my wife's Pilates studio. As a chef, it’s our duty to learn and adapt to current trends. If you don't, then you're just a cook. [You’re not a chef.]”

His commitment to raw & plant-based foods means there’s always a good selection of vegan products and fresh produce for the kitchen. He puts a lot of focus on training his staff to understand vegan requirement and the ethos behind plant-based foods.

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